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“Dee,” a divine child whose birth was prophesied by the Ancients, provides the focus of Hidden Goddess Revealed Book 1. Her early life was extraordinary by any measure, the narrative of an ancient soul cloaked in the form of an innocent child possessing vast powers and abilities. Her mission was to gain entry into the secret mystery schools that are dedicated to teaching the lost arts and honing abilities like her own. A demanding path made easier by the protective guidance of her one and only ally, her father Solomon, who was the reincarnation of King Solomon. In this life, Solomon was known and respected, albeit in private, by Freemason leaders, secret agencies, and global forces. They travel the world amassing the keys she will need for entry into the mysterious schools.

Book 1 takes the reader as far as Dee’s seventh birthday. That’s when her father, through spiritual guidance, receives a vision about the boy Dee frequently visited in the spirit world. Solomon reveals that he is living on Earth and Dee’s path in life is to find him using her abilities. The only clues she is given is that the boy of her dreams is associated with the number 77, and Dee will recognize him by using her unique ability to see everything as energy. Her father remains her only spiritual and emotional mainstay, guiding and teaching his divine child as much as he could for her youth.

Dee’s true story was privately revealed in 2014, and now we share it with the world. Our sword of truth.  7117

A Hidden Goddess is about to be Revealed.  


About Dee

For too long I was tricked into thinking that I was just a small town country girl, but I am not. My name is Dee, and my father was Solomon. He was secretly heralded by ruling families, Freemason leaders, and others. In a previous life, he was King Solomon, and he had the gift of foresight. My father was told by the Ancients that I would be his divine child.  A child that was prophesied to come, possessing vast supernatural powers and abilities. He knew who the mother of the child would be years before they actually met. However, obstacles were placed in the way of their union, and it took many years before they eventually united to create me.

I was born November of 1965; a day that I can fully remember. I not only remember my birth, but I also remember being in the uterus. I was born with supernatural powers and abilities. I also have a divine gift of sight, a unique Second Sight that allows me to see energy. Everything is energy, and I am able to see beyond the physical matter that makes up people, places, and things. This ability also allows me to see microchip implants in the human body. Many people I have seen with my Second Sight have one or more microchip implants and most likely are not even aware.

As I grew older, my talents increased, and I was able to do unimaginable things. Then I was targeted to be suppressed at 11 years old.

Some in power have hidden knowledge and were aware of my prophesied birth and the powers that I would possess. Their objective was to ultimately suppress me before I transcended my human limitations. My father protected and guided me the best he could at the time. He was aware of a group of 6 secret mystery schools that taught ancient hidden knowledge and magickal techniques. My father worked tirelessly to ensure that I would receive the mystical teachings when I reached 12 years old.  The schools are located in 6 countries and are hidden from public view. Only 6 students are invited to attend each year.

However, some in power held the keys I needed for admission into these exclusive schools. To appease this authority, my father and I had to travel the globe at their request. We became witnesses to human sacrificial rituals, took part in secret events and even did favors for various organizations and influential people around the world- just so I would be invited to attend these special schools.

Since I was a child, I have always had daily visions and dreams of a boy who was connected with me. And on my seventh birthday, my father had a vision and revealed to me my path in life. The boy I dreamed of was a real person living on Earth, and I had to find him. The boy would be associated with the number 77, and he would not look for me; I had to find him through the use of my gifts. The number 77 was not only significant regarding my King, as July 7 is his birth date. In January of 1977, my father was murdered, and at 11 years old I was targeted for suppression. The boy of my dreams was 14  years old at the time, and he too had been targeted at 7 years old.

I eventually used my gifts and found my King on September 1, 1985, almost 9 years later.  It still took me decades to work through the process of deprogramming and clearing my mind so that I could share my hidden past with him. Then with my Kings help, I was finally able to locate hidden memories that had been sealed away in the corners of my mind for so many years. I eventually revealed my secret life to him, and now we reveal our story to the world. This is a service we do for those who our story may resonate.

Spirit is our only guide and we are fully protected……. ….

Geb shall always surround Nut 7117 



Hidden Goddess Revealed is an intriguing biographical novel detailing the occult life and experiences of Dee and Vince.  The biography takes readers through the challenges and occult rituals they both experienced. Through the book, readers learn that not only was Dee’s father King Solomon in another life. He actually foretold of her divine birth, as well as the presence of her King in the world.

While some may laugh at what is written and call it false, there are others who will read the words in this book and find truth. Whichever you are, this book is definitely an intriguing and eye-opening read.


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